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Fireside Church

Church At Cactus​

8133 West Cactus Road

Peoria, AZ 85381

Saturdays @ 5:30 PM


Jon and Hannah Fegan, and Christian and Elise Axe are the Lead Pastors of Fireside Church in Peoria, Arizona. They Love God and love people. After over a decade of ministry, they have come together to co-pastor a life giving church, dedicated to reaching the unchurched, dechurched, and overchurched. They are artists, nerds, entrepreneurs, theologians, gamers, and builders who are dedicated to God's vision of an authentic community who pursues purpose in Him. We exist to love like Christ and grow people into their purpose.

Who Are We

One Church

Many Voices

Pastor Jon is a relatable, raw, authentic, and funny story teller. He endeavors to give you a word to help with your purpose. Whether it is a deep and harrowing tale of the daily human struggle, or hanging out with a sock puppet and talking about nerdy crap, you're going to be equipped to head to your goal.

Pastor Christian is a quirky, intelligent, informative and powerful preacher. He endeavors to teach you how to understand the bible and contextually read it. Whether it is an in depth look at the scripture and it's application, or an unusual yet relatable story about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You are going to learn something about God and about yourself.

Pastor Hannah is a topical, relatable, fun, and relevant preacher. She endeavors to give you a Word to help you with your identity. Whether it is a funny anecdote about Taylor Swift or the Marvel, or an honest look at the human condition and Christ's work within it, you are going to grow in your identity

Whitewashed Brick

Love | Grow | Purpose

We  exist  to  love  like  Christ  and  grow  people  into  their  purpose

Urban Gardening

The Vibe and Culture

Urban Gardening
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Fireside Groups

Wednesday and thursday

Urban Gardening

Illuminate Youth


Urban Gardening

Kindling Kids Ministry


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