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We exist to love like Christ and grow people into their purpose
What To expect

Our worship is passionate and authentic, utilizing a contemporary style with some urban flare. That being said, we have a variety of people expressing themselves, whether their hands are raised singing along or they are standing in quiet reflection.

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The Message

Biblically based preaching with relevant application. You will hear several passionate speakers who aim to make the bible easy to understand while still challenging you and allowing you to think and read it for yourself.


Our community aims to build a culture that is loving, supportive and welcoming. Allowing people from all over to come and enjoy the closeness that you would get by fireside or camping. We have food and community following every service so that you can hang out and eat great food. This is optional and you are not obligated to stay after service, but are definitely welcomed too!


We have an awesome team dedicated to making sure your child is not only watched out for, but has a fun activity with other children while also learning about Christ and His love for them!

What to Wear?

We don't have a dress code as we have a strong value of authenticity. You’ll see everything from suits to T-shirts and shorts. Wear what makes you feel comfortable—you’re among family here!

What time?

Every Saturday @ 5:30 PM starting September 24th 2022

Sep 24, 2022, 5:30 PM
Church at Cactus
FIRESIDE IS LAUNCHING Food trucks! - Water Slides! - Awesome Children's Ministry! - Great Music - Awesome Word! LOVE | GROW | PURPOSE
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