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We exist to love like Christ and grow people into their purpose
We believe this is where we experience the greatest growth in our relationship with god, and people. Fireside Groups are a key aspect of our church community. hope to see you there!

At Fireside Church, we want to see every person finding their purpose in their relationship with God and connecting with a community of other believers.  Fireside Groups are the perfect place to do both!  
We understand that each person must find a group they click with.  With that in mind, our groups are open for the first three weeks of each Fireside Group semester.  We do this so you can try out a group without making a commitment until you find a group that fits.  If you want to check out a couple of groups before you decide, that is perfectly fine with us!  
Our groups meet in three semesters each year, Fall, Winter and Spring.  We take off from Thanksgiving to New Year, 2-3 weeks in March and groups break for the summer.

We hope you will consider joining a group this year! Click the link below to go to sign ups!

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